Promoting health and wellness books

Promoting health and
wellness books

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We're a literary publicity firm specializing in health-related nonfiction.


For more than two decades we have been earning exceptional media coverage for our authors’ health and wellness books. We’ve established solid relationships with editors, writers, producers, bookers, and hosts across the United States and Canada. They turn to us for our outstanding expert sources and for the innovative, evidence-based stories we deliver well in advance of their deadlines.

We have a deep commitment to every project we undertake. We partner with our clients—MDs, mental health professionals, health and science writers, researchers, wellness coaches, and entrepreneurs—working closely with them from the campaign’s start to finish, and even beyond, as our efforts often bear fruit past our contract term.


We also provide campaigns to publishers, who call on us if they find they’re too short-staffed to give a great title the attention it deserves. Here are a few of the publishers for whom we’ve provided campaigns:

We Target your audiences of book buyers

We pitch to print, digital, and broadcast outlets, generating opportunities for you to educate and inspire a national audience. 

In addition to landing book reviews, we’ll arrange for you to appear on podcast, TV, and radio shows; be interviewed for feature stories; and pen bylined articles, blog posts, and opinion pieces.

We’ll brand you as the “trusted expert” the public will want to turn to for health advice. To reach your key audiences, we’ll target the media they consume, positioning you as a national authority on your topic for journalists in need of sources.

We have a 25-year track record of winning a wide continuum of  coverage for our clients.

We Identify the media your readers consume

You’ve penned your book to shift perspectives and help improve lives. Our job is to make sure millions of people find out about it. In this highly competitive market we get the media to notice you by…

  • Knowing what journalists want and delivering it—STAT
  • Crafting press kits that get to the heart of your story
  • Conversing with fluency about your book’s subject matter
  • Pitching fresh story angles that grab journalists’ attention
  • Offering actionable health advice audiences can’t do without
  • Newsjacking—using timely news hooks to increase our leverage

Our hits have included The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal; Better Homes & Gardens, Parade, Women’s Health, Scientific American; and NPR’s Morning Edition, Here & Now, and All Things Considered.

We Put you front
and center

“On my flight back from the APA meeting, the woman sitting next to me was reading the Women’s Health article with my quotes. You’re amazing!”

— Craig Surman, MD

We’ll win visibility for you and your book by landing:

  • Print and digital book reviews
  • Interviews on podcast, radio, and TV shows
  • Feature articles on your topic
  • Health tips/advice pieces
  • Profiles in alumni magazines and local papers
  • Your quotations within broader articles
  • Opinion pieces about news stories of the day
  • Print and digital bylined article contributions
  • Webinar and keynote appearances

The exposure and name recognition gained from our campaigns drive book sales and boost our authors’ platforms, inviting keynote speaking invitations, new writing opportunities, and more interviews.

What our clients are saying

Our authors, featured

What sets us apart

Our focus
on you

Instead of spreading ourselves thin, we select no more than a couple of books to represent at a time and give them our all. This allows us to imbibe your subject matter, so we can make intelligent, impassioned pitches … and then follow up as often as needed, which is critical.

Our hand-picked
media lists

We compile our own media lists—we never purchase boilerplate lists. Tailoring our lists to include outlets specific to every one of your target audiences enables us to pitch with greater precision, so we can win the coverage you and your book deserve.

Our cogent

Our persuasive pitches win coverage across a wide range of digital, print, and broadcast media—from national top-tier to smaller niche outlets. We leave no stone unturned. And our lead publicist does the pitching: Your book will never be handed off to junior staff or interns.


We stay on top of the daily news cycle—poised to offer journalists your ideas and opinions on the latest stories and hottest trends, within a twenty-four-hour period.


Publicity isn’t an exact science. Should media response signal the need to pivot, we have that flexibility. We can turn on a dime.


If you entrust us with your project, we’ll take it on with the same commitment and enthusiasm you have for it. We’ll make your success our personal mission.

leslie wolfe arista

Leslie Wolfe Arista is principal and lead publicist of Mediabuzz and has been practicing “healthy publicity” for more than twenty-five years. Among the adjectives her clients have used to describe her are intuitive, creative, meticulous, diligent, tireless, resourceful, and astoundingly efficient.

Leslie enjoys promoting books penned by thought leaders in the health field, because they inform, inspire, and motivate. She says, “In addition to delivering national name recognition, propelling book sales, and generating buzz about healthcare innovation, our campaigns give people agency over their health and well-being. It’s exciting to be a part of that!”

Leslie Wolfe Arista

Common questions

How long are your campaigns?

Typically they span four months—two pre-publication and two post-publication.​

What is the timeline for a book campaign?

We like to begin prep five months ahead of the publication date, as reviewers need ARCs (advance review copies) four months ahead of the pub date.

How far in advance of my book’s publication date should I hire a publicist?

Ideally, six months.

What if my publisher wants to promote my book, but I prefer to hire an outside publicist?

Discuss it with your publisher; many are willing to collaborate with outside publicists.

How much time should I commit to promoting my book?

A lot! We keep our authors busy contributing articles, giving interviews, and making TV, radio, and podcast appearances. In preparation for the campaign, we encourage authors to set up an interactive website and, if needed, to get media training.

Will you promote my book on social media?

No, we are traditional media outreach professionals. As such, we pitch to digital media—magazines and newspapers, websites, blogs, and podcasts—as well as to print and broadcast outlets. We encourage our authors to set up a website and a Facebook page for their books. 

My book has been out for a few months. Is it too late to hire a publicist?

We have successfully promoted books months after their original publication dates (see our client testimonials).

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