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On my flight back from the APA meeting, the woman sitting next to me was reading the Women’s Health article with my quotations in it. You’re amazing!
Craig Surman, MD
Coauthor, FAST MINDS


We generate opportunities for healthcare professionals to educate and inspire a national audience through TV and radio interviews, feature stories, contributed articles and book reviews.

Each media impression is a powerful endorsement of your book, product or service and an invaluable means to imparting medical information, guidance about health and wellness, and practical tools for bettering lives.

Publicity has both immediate and long-term benefits. We position you as the authority on your topic, so you become the “expert on call” for journalists in need of a resource. We brand you as the “trusted expert” consumers can turn to for health advice. And media coverage boosts your platform, often attracting keynote speaking invitations and new writing opportunities.

In this highly competitive market, how do we get media outlets to notice you? By knowing what journalists want and being responsive to their needs. By understanding your subject matter and developing fresh story angles and compelling press kits. By focusing our pitches to hit the hot buttons of each journalist and using timely news hooks to increase our leverage.