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OrganizeYourMindOrganizeYourLife PROJECT
ADHD researcher Paul Hammerness, MD and executive wellness coach Margaret Moore, MBA, combined their areas of expertise—brain science and coaching psychology—to develop six principles for achieving mental clarity and focus. Here, they explain the science behind the disorganized mind, offer their six “Rules of Order,” and motivate and guide readers towards making lasting change.

1. Those who would benefit by being organized: most of us!
2. Mental health professionals, wellness and life coaches, physicians.
3. Women, parents, students, people managing health conditions or ADHD, seniors.
4. Executives, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, athletes.

Our campaign generated more than 60 media hits over the course of 6 months—radio and TV interviews, feature stories, tips pieces, blogs, book excerpts, article contributions, and book reviews—reaching 30,000,000+ people. The authors were interviewed by print, digital and broadcast media outlets across a wide continuum, hitting every target market and catapulting the book to the top 100 on Amazon at the campaign’s peak.

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