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The STAR Program® is a model of evidence-based cancer rehabilitation that provides hospitals and cancer centers with tools (training and treatment protocols) to implement quality cancer rehab care for patients suffering from the side effects and aftereffects of treatments.

At the campaign’s start, most hospital survivorship programs did not include comprehensive cancer rehabilitation. There were few cancer rehab services available anywhere in the country and little to no awareness among the public about cancer rehab. There was also a lack of knowledge about cancer rehab among medical professionals and hospital administrators. 

1.     Redefine survivorship: It’s possible to recover after treatments and enjoy a good quality of life.
2.     Educate the public about treatment-related impairments and how cancer rehabilitation can help.
3.     Introduce the STAR Program, and explain how it works and where programs are located around the U.S.
4.     Educate clinicians about the STAR Program, so they can advocate for its implementation, receive certification, and refer patients.
5.     Inform hospital execs how the STAR Program improves health outcomes and increases referrals. 

We generated more than 80 media hits in 19 months—radio and TV interviews, feature stories, article contributions, blogs and news items. A wide variety of print, digital and broadcast media outlets covered our story, reaching all of our target audiences. Our public education campaign successfully raised awareness among survivors, and the launch of the STAR Program impacted key hospital decision makers—during the tenure of the campaign, the STAR Program was implemented by 100 healthcare facilities in more than 40 states.

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