Publicity that heals


The authors have each told me how much they’ve enjoyed working with you. Thank you for your commitment to all of them.
Janis Todd, Publicity Manager
Moody Publishers and Northfield Publishing


What kinds of books do you promote, and how long are your campaigns?

We promote nonfiction books: consumer health, self-help, psychology and memoir. Our campaigns are 4 months, with an option to continue beyond that period.

What is the timeline for a book campaign?

We begin prep work 5 months ahead of the pub date. Journalists will need galleys (uncorrected proofs) from your publisher 4 months ahead. And they’ll need review copies (finished copies) one month ahead.

How far in advance of my book’s publication date should I hire a publicist?

Ideally, six months.

Who hires a publicist, the author or publisher?

Sometimes the author, sometimes the publisher, and sometimes both parties go in on publicity services together.

What if my publisher wants to promote my book but I prefer an outside publicist?

Discuss it with your publisher; many are open to collaborating with outside publicists.

How much time do I have to commit to promoting my book?

We keep our authors busy! You will have opportunities to write blogs and articles, make TV appearances, and give phone interviews. In preparation of the campaign we encourage authors to set up an interactive website (if they don’t already have one) and get media training.

Will you promote my book on social media platforms?

We pitch to digital media (magazines, newspapers, blogs, podcasts, etc.) in addition to print and broadcast, but we do not have the expertise to carry out social media campaigns.

My book has been out for a few months. Is it too late to hire a publicist?

We have successfully promoted books long after their original pub dates! Read the author testimonials for these books: It’s Hard To Make A Difference When You Can’t Find Your Keys, In Her Wake and Saying Goodbye.

What other “healthy publicity” do you do?

We also promote innovative healthcare start-ups. Read the case study we’ve provided about our campaign for Oncology Rehab Partners and the STAR Program®.